Smith & Nephew 59432479 SECURA E-PIECE EXTRA PROTECTIVE CREAM,ZINC OXIDE 30%, 90g Tube, Each

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Smith & Nephew 59432479 EA
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Secura EPC Extra Protective Cream 90ml tube (SN59432479)


A skin protectant that provides long lasting protection


  • A unique combination of effective skin protectants, moisturizing agents and a natural absorbent
  • Contains zinc oxide and petrolatum for long-lasting skin protection against the damaging effects of exposure to urine, feces or other fluids
  • Won't wash away, even in the most severe cases of diarrhea
  • Contains karaya, a natural and gentle absorbent that sticks to wet and irritated skin and helps seal out wetness
  • Vitamin E and mineral oil moisturize, condition and lubricate, ensuring skin integrity
  • Gentle to the skin:pH-balanced to help preserve the skin's natural acid matl


(No reviews yet) Write a Review